Welcome to the Obesity Education Network, an educational resource hub designed specifically for health care professionals. An alarming 70% of adults in the United States are overweight and/or obese. However, 80% of adults in the United States regularly visit a primary care physician—a clear sign that health care providers are on the front lines in combatting this epidemic.

The Obesity Education Network seeks to support providers by equipping them with the necessary tools to identify, diagnose, and manage their patients with overweight and obesity. The goal of the Obesity Education Network is to increase the scientific and clinical understanding of obesity and its associated comorbidities amongst the professionals who are integral to its prevention and treatment.

In order to delve deeply into the science of overweight and obesity, the Obesity Education Network was designed using a structured learning format, with topics ranging from pathophysiology to screening and risk assessment. Each quarter will unveil a new chapter of academic focus, carefully selected by our expert Editorial Board. The materials offered under each topic are intended to complement each other in order to further deepen your educational journey. Check back often, as content is updated on a continual basis.

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